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Research and Study

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. In business there is a whole lot of issues which you would like to ‘manage’ where its measurement doesn’t come easily. Future sales, Customer satisfaction, brand equity, employee morale could be some of them. We help the management take informed decision with such issues.
Our Services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Brand Equity Analysis
  • Location Modeling
  • Research Process Outsourcing
Feasibility Analysis:
To uncover the strengths and weakness of a new venture in terms of resources needed and the prospect of the success. An entrepreneur has to accurately weigh the cost versus benefit before taking any action. We first research the market and marketing feasibility of the project, and then convert them back in to financial numbers to identify the investment required and the return on it.

Forecasting Studies:
Forms foundation for management planning and decision making. Business forecasting simply means, predicting outcomes, trends, or expected future behavior of business, through the use of statistics and business data. Some examples of business forecasting includes estimating quarterly sales, product demand, customer value, and potential, employee strength, and predicting potential risks.

Satisfaction Index:
It is seen as an important performance indicator as well as key differentiator, and is increasingly becoming a chief element of business strategy. A satisfied customer has a higher probability of repurchase and also disseminates positive word-of-mouth. The effect of these goes beyond any advertising campaign on can think of. Besides the incremental revenue gain, these outcomes are the cornerstone to brand development, competitiveness and growth. Our customer satisfaction study is an action oriented report to help-you convert your customers to campaigners.

Brand Equity Analysis:
Brands are the most valuable asset that a company posses. Brand equity refers to the marketing effects and outcomes that a company accrues to its products due its brand name. Simply, it is the benefits a business enjoys over its competitor due to its brand name. High brand equity can: command price premium; support new line extensions; Attract investors; Fend off new competitors.

Location Modeling:
To assist in selecting an optimal location in order to reach out to more customers and gain edge over other potential competitors. It is done by quantifying factors influencing business performance and identifying locations containing those factors.

Research Process Outsourcing:
Business data requires to be carefully processed and analyzed, before any additional value can be derived from it. However it requires ample amount of time for wading through the figures to make meaning out of the whole information. In such case, RPO can be the solution. We do your data entry, data processing and function as your back-office for statistical analysis and econometric modeling and help you handle your core business with ease.