Business System Diagnosis

Do you have these symptoms in your organization?

  • Profitability is low or negative
  • Sales are stagnant or declining
  • You are doing everyone else's job
  • Heavy losses due to human errors
  • Difficult to identify the root cause of mistakes
  • Blaming each other for mistakes
  • Managers are too busy on routine work
  • Employees do not respect the management honestly
  • Hiring and firing of employees on the increase
  • Firefighting is a routine activity in the boardroom
  • Customer complaints on the rise
  • Increasing internal quality issues
  • Cost of production increasing
  • Issuance of warning letters on the rise
  • No recognition and rewarding of employees

De Valor Business Systems Diagnosis Program

Our Business Systems Diagnosis program analyses your business organization, identifies concealed problems, finds out the business process gaps, Evaluates your business performance, Assess the productivity of employees and show you whether your business is Healthy or Not. Our specialty is to diagnose existing business systems in detail to find out unforeseen issues that will block your business growth.

De Valor Business Systems Diagnosis
Diagnosis Team  Management Consultants
Research Executives
Accounts Consultants
Consultants Profile( Areas of Expertise )  Business System/Operations Management
Sales & Marketing
Inventory Management
Customer Relationship Management
Human Resource Management
Accounts / FinanceTraining / Mentoring
Program Period 3 Days
System of Diagnosis Process Mapping
Process Audit
Gap Analysis
Diagnosis Report Business Diagnosis Report

Benefits to your Business

Comprehensive diagnosis of your entire business activities
To gauge the actual position of the business
Comparison with the Industry standards and detect how to stand apart and stay ahead
Identify the hidden problems that might lead to giant business concerns in due course
Early diagnosis of unforeseen Business issues
Detection of Employee Concerns that might blow into unpredictable proportions

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